Made in Barcelona

DIRECTOR Ramon Vilaró / FILM-MAKER Jesús Garay, Pere Portabella and Jordi Cadena / PRODUCTION Paco Poch, Ramon Vilaró and Virgina films-Advance Video / FORMAT 3 x 1 hour o 6 x 1/ 2 hour / LANGUAGES spanish - english - japanese / YEAR 1992

This documentary series is a walk through Barcelona's artistic figures, and jobs created throughout the twentieth century. Focused on the areas of architecture, literature, design, painting, music and fashion. Some of the characters that are addressed are: Antoni Tapies, Miquel Barceló, Frederic Amat, Oriol Bohigas, Ricardo Bofill, Javier Mariscal, Joan Brossa, Manuel Vázquez Montalbán and Toni Miró.