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Gaspar de Portolá and the Catalan roots of California

The Catalan Gaspar de Portolà i Rovira (Os de Balaguer, 1716 - Lleida 1786) Captain of Dragoons of Compañia Franca Volunteers from Catalonia, with the Spaniard Fray Junipero Serra, among others, starred in the foundation of the Presidios, currently Missions, from San Diego to San Francisco. Are the Catalan roots of California.

Time diference


TIME DIFFERENCE is a medieval epic that follows the tradition of such great samurai sagas as Kagemusha, with the overtones of Hitchockish suspense and cultural misunderstandings of a historical scale far surpassing "Lost in Translation."

Log line

Francis Xavier, a shrewd Spanish missionary, proves that his samurai friend accused of slaughtering a Buddhist monk is innocent using a novel european invention of the time, the mechanical clock, and teaching a new concept unknown to XVI century Japan, the alibi.


DIFERENCIA HORARIA capitaliza la riqueza visual de la época de los Estados Guerreros (siglo XVI) un conflictivo periodo de gran esplendor que precede a la consolidación nacional de Japón y en cuya fuente beben los dramas de la cinematografía nipona más conocidos en occidente como Kagemusha y Ran. El paisaje navarro, mostrado en flash-backs cuando Javier recuerda su infancia, servirá de fondo para explicar con humor el contraste de dos culturas a veces diametralmente opuestas y a en ocasiones muy similares. DIFERENCIA HORARIA busca elevar el más universal de los navarros a la categoría de héroe cinematográfico atemporal destacando su calidad humana y su labor al iniciar las relaciones entre Europa y Japón y haber anticipado fórmulas para evitar choques entre las civilizaciones como los que vivimos en la actualidad.


TIME DIFFERENCE capitalizes on the rich imagery of the Civil Wars ages in XVI century Japan??This was a turbulent period of conflict and splendor that paved the way for the consolidation of Japan as a unified nation. Many well-known Japanese feature films in the West such as Kagemusha draw from this picturesque period. TIME DIFFERENCE holds his revealing dialectic confrontation with the Buddhist warrior monks in the serenity of the Zen gardens. This is in stark contrast to the spectacular battle lead by an army of fierce horsemen as they fight for the feudal lord who made these European missionaries his proteges.

The deep green landscape of Navarra is shown in flash backs as Xavier recalls moments of his childhood. It serves as a background in explaining the humorous contrast between two cultures, which are often polar opposites and yet have uncanny similarities.

Western technology and inventions like Xavier's mechanical clock and the rifles that the Portuguese sailors carry with them play a key role as an intriguing story of suspense unravels around the alleged killing of a Buddhist monk by Anjiro, the samurai interpreter who accompanies Xavier.

TIME DIFFERENCE tries to elevate the historical figure from Navarra to the height of an all-time movie hero by highlighting his human qualities and his painstaking efforts to form cultural ties between Europe and Japan. He had foreseen the need for formulas to avoid conflict between civilizations, which is more needed than ever in our present time.

The plot of solving the assassination of the Buddhist monk wrongfully attributed to Anjiro using the alibi as a concept unknown to XVI century Japan is a perfect way to become familiar with the customs of that country and to explain the cultural abyss that lies between the characters despite their emotional closeness.